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Help Centre

Here are some typical questions that we usually get, if you can't find an answer for your question feel free to drop a question in the "Contact" section.
Or use the telephone number 07478684877, Monday to Saturday - 09:00 am - 20:00 pm.

What’s the minimum order amount?

In Wolf Windows and Blinds, there is no minimum or maximum order amount, you can buy a simple pack of curtains or/and blinds, to ordering a full house windows and door service.

Do you accept returns?

In Windows Wolf and Blinds we try to provide an excellent service, and up to the current date we haven't had any returns, however there have been some situations where the client wasn't fully satisfied with the product and we have made some corrections.

Which countries or cities do you work in?

At the moment Wolf Windows and Blinds is working on a 150 miles radius around Sleaford, we may make exceptions on extra miles if there is a large order.

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